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Construction Litigation

The attorneys of Andrews & Price provide construction law services in an extensive range of areas. Our history with school construction projects has included phase renovation projects, as well as new school facilities. Our attorneys will provide a full range of construction legal services, including but not limited to, review, comments and preparation of contracts for the architect and construction manager; review of bidding specifications and bidding procedures; negotiation and preparation of various easements for sewer, storm lines and power lines; preparation of No-Lien Agreements; and review and resolution of contract disputes.

We have extensive experience in construction arbitration and litigation, including claims for delay, loss of productivity, extended office and field overhead, surety bonds, nonperformance, bidding and related matters. Such claims typically involve potential damages of hundreds and thousands, even millions of dollars. Our expertise in public sector construction matters, from the outset of the project through completion, makes us uniquely qualified to prepare for and successfully prosecute or defend such matters.

Partner with our experienced attorneys who will assist you in avoiding litigation by preventing problems from arising and addressing problems effectively when they occur.

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